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Andy Warhol Film

The Andy Warhol Museum is home to over 400 Warhol films, from the early minimal masterpieces Sleep to the later epic work The Chelsea Girls along with the short portraits known collectively as Screen Tests. The museum also houses the entire Andy Warhol video collection—over 2500 videotapes which include all episodes and outtakes of his television series Fashion, Andy Warhol’s T.V., and Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes, the soap operas Vivian’s Girls, Phoney, and Fight, and the large body of work known as Factory Diaries. Here we offer a selection of Warhol's films for rent. You may view the video rental for up to three days from the time of purchase. Be sure to check back for new offerings.

Capturing Creativity

Capturing Creativity is a collaborative series by The Andy Warhol Museum and NO MORE RULERS, which delves into the creative process and documentation practices of the foremost creatives of our time in art, music, fashion, and design. The interviews between a staff member of The Warhol and a creative guest will focus on the creative process, advice to help foster creativity, the role of technology in making, documenting, and communicating, and the methods, habits, and philosophy of documenting ideas and thoughts.

Silver Studio Sessions

Silver Studio Sessions feature a variety of internationally touring, independent artists and bands. The series is inspired by Warhol's extensive involvement in music as an album cover designer, manager of the Velvet Underground, and record producer, with connections to bands such as the Rolling Stones, Blondie, and The Cars. The sessions often take place in a 6th floor gallery space designed to evoke Warhol's studio, the Silver Factory.

Screen Tests

Between 1964 and 1966, Warhol created almost 500 Screen Tests. The Screen Tests subjects range from the famous to anonymous visitors to his studio, the Silver Factory. In a gallery reminiscent of the Silver Factory studio, museum visitors are invited to create their own screen test utilizing a computer touch screen, a moveable backdrop, a specially modified vintage camera, and twin studio lights. Upon completion, the visitor's screen test is transformed digitally from real time to slow motion and published online. Participants are then able to share their personal screen test.

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